Hardwood Flooring Problem?

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The Basics - Where Flooring Failure Begins

However the damage to your floors may appear today, it began at one of these 4 stages.


A good contractor selects wood products that are free from visible defects, however some manufacturing issues defy immediate detection.


Faulty floor preparation, inadequate moisture protection, improper wood curing and defective fastening can cause all manner of flooring problems.


Successful sanding and finishing requires skill, experience and a keen eye for detail. Much can go awry during such exacting procedures.


Not adhering to manufacturer's maintenance guidelines can do more than invalidate warranties, it can devaluate property investments.

Common Hardwood Flooring Issues

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#1. Buckling

#2 Crowning

#3 Cupping

#4. Abnormal Gaps

#5. Chatter Marks

#6. Greenhouse Effect

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